Top 5 Reasons People Hate Their Jobs

The following article is based solely on personal experience and the lives of those that surround me.

1. PAY-First and foremost, it all starts with the pay! I mean really! Who out there isn’t completely satisfied with what their income is? Everywhere I look people are trying to increase the cash flow. Not just people like me or even the people I know, but the rich people as well. Who doesn’t want more money? All I ever ask for is just enough to take my family on a nice vacation or even just out to eat every once in a while. I work hard for my money. I think my family deserves at least that. It’s pretty bad when a family orders a pizza and calls it a luxury item. Getting a steak dinner would be living way beyond ones means. Where’s the fairness in that? Pay plays so much of a factor in ones opinion of their employment that you may see it contribute to all the other factors as well. Bottom line…. I just don’t get paid enough for this shit!

2. PEOPLE-Ah yes! The people! I can make a whole new list of the type of people we have to put up with at our jobs. Let’s start with the one that irks me the most, The Power Abuser! You give one person just a little bit of authority and they will take well beyond what they think they are entitled to. They are the ones who just think they are hot shit and try to diminish you as they look at you. They look over your shoulder constantly, watching you like a hawk, waiting for you to make just one wrong move so they can nail you on it. They work you to death and take all the credit for your hard work. They don’t even let you talk while you are working. I have even seen them go into an uproar over chewing gum!

And then we got The Tramp! Everybody knows the type! They flirt and dress suggestively and giggle. I hate them! They are the ones who get promoted or bigger raises, all because of how they look and act. What I hate the most is that they clearly don’t know how to do their job, yet here they are, making more money than you, watching you do their work because they are incapable.

Of course I can’t leave out The Gossip. This person knows everything about anything. They can even know more about yourself than you do. They are also known for being the source of all rumors. When they encounter a topic they don’t know, they are quick to fabricate their own details and then the rumors just spread like wildfire.

Those are just a few examples of the types of people we have to deal with. Like I said, I can do a whole new list of just the people. The Jerk, The Pest, The Suck-up, Drama Queens, all are certainly noteworthy but perhaps some other time. The point I am trying to make is this….I just don’t get paid enough to put up with these shit-heads!

3. HOURS-The hours we put into our jobs, those long exhausting hours! And it’s not the number of hours we give it’s the time in which those hours are served. I’ll tell you one thing if you are family oriented then second shift is not for you. At what point in the day do you get to spend time with your family? The kids are in school during the day, you are at work at night. The family is sleeping when you get home. Where is the quality time that seems to be promoted by professionals? We always see these commercials telling you to sit down with your kids, talk to them about sex and drugs. Have a sit down dinner at the table and connect as a family. When does anyone have time for that? Studies have shown that families who do this tend to have a stronger bond and lead more successful lives. Well I guess my family is screwed because not all of us work first shift. The world seems to revolve around day shift. It’s not fair to the night people who get off work and all the stores are closed, everyone is sleeping, and they are left trying to wind down from a long night at work with the crickets chirping in their ears. It puts a lot of strain on a family to work odd hours. It only seems fair that we get paid more for this shit!

4. WORK-If the hours don’t kill you, the work will. The strain we put on our bodies to make it through a day of work is ridiculous. Whether it requires you being on your feet or sitting on your ass all day, either way it sucks. There are those of us who have to work in extreme heat or extreme cold. The high risk jobs, the heavy lifting jobs, the repetitious jobs, all have a way of wearing our bodies down. I am sure there are studies that have proven that people who work a job that puts a significant amount of strain on their bodies tend to live shorter lives. Needless to say, there are those of us who can say…. “I certainly don’t get paid enough for that shit!”

5. THE EMPLOYER-The big dogs! At some point people are going to have some sort of beef with their employer. The most common complaint seems to be the uneven distribution of pay. The ones who make less pay are usually the ones doing all the hard work. So while we are breaking our backs, doing all the hard work, all the executives and top dogs just sit back and watch us bring in their money. They are always looking for ways to pinch us for every penny they can. They take away privileges and benefits just to fatten up their wallets. They look for people who make more than the average employee and try to force them out the door to bring in someone who will do the same work for less income. We suffer for their benefit. How is it fair that we sacrifice our time, our bodies, and our families and live shorter lives, all while putting up with all the stupid bullshit while they just sit back and watch the big dollars roll in? Not enough appreciation is given to “The Little People.” After all, we are the ones who make it happen. I’m sure there is more to their jobs than just sitting back watching the money roll in. But at least they get to do it in the comfort of their big, fancy office. They are not out there taking all the risk, sacrificing their bodies and shaving years off their lifespans just to make ends meet. I would just love to see one of them take a walk in my shoes for a year. Let them see how the quality of life just goes out the window. Maybe then they would have a deeper understanding of what we go through to improve their quality of life. With that being said, I definitely don’t get paid enough for this shit!

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4 Responses to Top 5 Reasons People Hate Their Jobs

  1. Matt Frye says:

    Not bad Dan… one thing I can tell you is to be objective in any posts that you place on here. I know from experience that anything that gets put out on the blogosphere can come back to bite you in the ass if you aren’t careful. Best thing to remember is no names… at all. Companies, people, etc. Never know what a Google search will turn up these days.

    You are doing a good thing here, especially since I know someone else who has trouble facing things head on and does better with his thoughts if he can put them on paper or in electronic format. Yep, me. Take care buddy!

  2. Matt Frye says:

    I have been thinking about starting one myself, you might be the catalyst I need to get going on it!

  3. Dan, You definitely have a talent for word expression. You Jordan men are amazing and have a lot to offer any audience. Keep it up, I look forward to reading more.

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